TEXT : PSALM 23:1-6


Everything about the God we serve is extraordinary and supernatural.
For every child of God, the supernatural is designed to be a consistent part of your life

Divine provision (supernatural supply) is provision or supply whose source or origin is beyond human or earthly sources.
Divine provision (supernatural supply) is provision or supply that is beyond the scope of human labour, wisdom, expertise or knowledge.
Divine provision.
(supernatural supply) is provision or supply that is inexhaustible, unfinishable – cannot run out.
For you not to lack,
Ensure that the Lord is your Shepherd (Ps. 23:1; Gal. 6:17; John 10:27).
Be His sheep (John 10:27)
It is only when God is your Shepherd that you don’t want; ensure that you don’t own your life, ensure that it is God indeed that owns your life.
Ensure that His mark of ownership is obvious on your life.
Ensure that you don’t live to your own purpose.
If the Lord is not your Shepherd, you must want and need must arise.
Be His sheep so that everything about your life will be the responsibility of the Shepherd.
Standing for God may cost initially but the pay is higher than the cost.
Ensure that you are connected to His House forever (Ps. 23:5-6; Matt. 6:33)
His House is your passion and His Kingdom is your greatest concern God will not give you prosperity that will take you to hell.
When you become a billionaire, the proof that you know God is that it will increase your church attendance.


  1. The ram that was caught in the thicket for Abraham (Gen. 22:11-14)
  2. The water from the Rock in the wilderness (Ex. 17:3-7)
    God brings incredible supply from impossible places
    There is no place on the earth that does not have supply if God opens it up for you.
  3. Elijah and the raven (1Kings 17:1-6)
    God puts contrary individuals and systems under pressure to release desired treasure.
  4. The money in the mouth of the fish that paid the bill of the Master and Peter (Matt. 17:24-27)
    Getting needed supply from unlikely places
  5. The multiplication of five loaves and two fishes to feed 5,000 men beside women and children (John 6:11-14)

God moves people from the realm of never enough to the realm of far more than enough.

  1. Hagar, Ishmael and the well of water (Gen. 21:15-19)
    Many of us pass around resources we can’t see; many experience frustration in the midst of resources they can’t see

The Covenant opens the eyes of God’s people to see supplies that ordinary eyes don’t see
Most times the solution is near the problem, many questions have answers that are nearby

  1. The manna in the wilderness for the children of Israel (Ex. 16:11-15; Ps. 78:15-19)
    The Covenant is the secret of shocking supplies – provision beyond comprehension

God provides for you a table in the wilderness; it sets for you a table where there is not even meant to be a chair (Ps. 78:19)
It is not about location, it is about Divine connection

  1. Elisha and the Shunamite woman (2Kings 4:8-11)
    The Covenant brings unsolicited favours that translate into unbelievable supplies
    If you have to beg or sweat for everything you get in life then something is wrong
  2. The miracle of turning water into wine (John 2:1-11)
    The Covenant takes what you have and returns it to you as what you need.

H2O turned to C6H12O6 when Jesus turned water into wine
God multiplies what you have and adds what you lack to give you what you need.

  1. The miracle of catch of fishes for the Apostle Peter (Luke 5:1-6)

The Covenant takes a person from the realm of extreme frustration to the realm of extreme provision

  1. The miracle of the quails from the sea (Num. 11:31-32)
    Everybody looks for things but things look for Covenant people (Matt. 6:33)
    The wind of the Lord blows supplies in the direction of Covenant people
  2. The miracle of the preservation of the widow of Zarephath by the Prophet Elijah (1Kings 17:6-16)
    The Covenant is the guarantee of continuous supply in the midst of generational scarcity.

Connection to the Covenant is connection to inexhaustible, unfinishable supplies

  1. The miracle of provision for the rescue of the sons of the prophet’s widow (2Kings 4:1-7)
    They were rescued from the embarrassments and harassments of scarcity.
  2. The miracle of the post-resurrection catch of fishes by Peter (John 21:1-6)
    God allocates due reward for undue labour
    God shows you the right side to deploy effort in order to see result.
  3. The miracle of the post-resurrection Divine supply on the seashore (John 21:8-9)
    God can bring non-existent provision into immediate existence


I declare the destruction of every yoke around your life: financial bondage, disfavour, empty-handedness,

Systems are put under pressure, they lose their sleep, peace and rest until all that is yours enters into your hands

Your eyes are open to see resources that the ordinary eyes cannot see
Receive the release of unsolicited favours.

The Lord shall multiply what you have and add what you lack in Jesus name!

I decree your movement from extreme frustration to extreme provision

The grace to remain His sheep, to hear and do what He says and to abide in His House is released upon you now!

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