Pastor Mrs. Joyce C. Nzubechukwu


Pastor Mrs. Joice C. Nzubechukwu having received a ministry from God over families and homes, has tirelessly lean her shoulder to both the singles and  the married. Her practicality in home affairs has been a tool in the hand of God to the impartation, building and restoration of many challenged families and homes.

She has written more than six books which includes; 

  • Dealing with delays in getting married
  • Overcoming pitfalls in marriages and homes
  • God’s mandate for your home and family
  • Winning the war over your home
  • Foundation for a hitch free marriage etc. 

She is the president of women of Release International She is also the Director of Release Family Ministries and the President  of Release Educational  Department. She is the host of Release Women Conference.

She is the co-senior Pastor with his husband Pastor David Nzubechukwu who is senior Pastor of Release Chapel International, their marriage is blessed with six kids.