This ministry is specially, designed to cater for spiritual need of children and teenagers. That’s from 0-15 years.

We combine spiritual process with creative teaching methods that are meant to impart your child and teenager on how to fulfil destiny in life.

Here, children are taught following our core valves so as to enable them build strong relationship with Jesus, walk and live by faith, learn the art of praise, prayer and intimate walk with the Holy spirit.

Our spirit filled Children Pastors are trained to provide children with special needs and with the parents help the child to grow in the love of God and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Special programs:
– RC Kiddies and Teens parties for birthday, graduation ceremonies etc.
– Music concert – Bible quiz & current affairs
– Recitation and speech day
– Picnics
– Special debate
– And lots more

Services runs on Sunday same time as Adult Church.

Teens ministries
• Released young adults
• Team adolescents
Teens need proper guide, direction and mentorship at this crucial stage of human development.

Lots ranging from quest to love and be loved, finding true friendship, how to handle pear pressure, dealing with unwholesome behaviors, understanding purpose for living, how to go about your talents and dealing with the influences of the social space and global acceleration.

There is a need for a time out, refreshing words, genuine friendship, career guide and academic guidance, atmosphere of peace, a coaching and room for discoveries.

Release teens fellowship is apt with the what it takes to emotionally, socially and spiritually develop and empower young adults with all the best that life can offer.

There is what the teens need, and we have it here by the grace of God.

– Camps and conferences
– Teens time out and picnics
– Teens splash
– Birthday bash and graduation ceremonies
– Music, arts and drama
– Teens networking
– Teens reach out in schools, etc
– Interaction times
– Teens monthly seminars
– Debates, recitations speeches.