PSALM 92:10-14;

The anointing oil is a divine Instrument of power that move the hand of God in the affair of men
I samuel 16:3

When the Holy Spirit is involved in the affair of men life goes at ease number 23:23

The presence of struggling in ones life depicted the absence of God’s grace

The ministry and the power of the anointing oil

The anointing enthroned
Samuel 16 Vs 1, 12, 13.
Note without anointing you can’t be announced

The anointing changes men’s status.
It makes captives to captain

The anointing brings supernatural recovery
1 Samuel 10:2

The anointing brings progress and keeps you on constant motion.
1 Samuel 10:3

When the anointing comes upon you, it provokes favour from every direction
psalms 45:7,12

The anointing attracts royalty, honour and dignity
psalms 45: 4

Every Anointed man of God does not struggle for things

The Anointing or the power of God brings supernatural liftings and elevations (1Sam. 10:1, Ps. 45:7-8)

The power of God takes people above their contemporaries

It is the secret of fruitfulness and flourishing (Ps. 92:10-14)
Everything about the Anointed is useful

The Anointing places a crown on the head of the Anointed (Lev. 21:12; Gen. 32:28)
Whenever a man or a woman is anointed, nobody can do anything about their royalty

Unction is foundational for restoration
Nothing is permitted to be lost or missing where the Anointing (the power of God) is.

The Anointing (the power of God) is the birthplace of potentials (Acts 10:38; 1Sam. 10:1, 4-5)

There are many things inside you that you are not aware of yet


Passion for God(Acts 10:38; Ps. 63:1-2)
Anyone who hangs around God or who has passion for God can never lack the Oil.
Your love for God is key to power with God.
When you are hanging around God you are hanging around power (Ps. 91:1).
When you release passion to God He releases power to you.

Passion for Kingdom assignment (Acts 10:38; 1:8; Mark 16:20)
God will never empower the idle
God will bless you to the capacity of your willingness to be a blessing, and God will empower you to the capacity of your willingness to work for Him.
How interested are you in the destiny of others?
How interested you are in the assignment of God determines how much power you can walk in.
When your passion for the work is confirmed, your power for the work is released.

When was the last time you invited someone to church or led someone to Christ?

Compassion for the needy (Acts 10:38; 1John 4:20)
A heart for people will bring the Anointing.
A heart for people is key to power.
What you feel determines what you can heal.
Every genuine love for God will translate into love for people.


Fresh oil is restored to you today!

Your voice is restored!

By the anointing , the graces, giftings and deposits of God in your life shall be released for your generation!

God will do something out of your life that will be a shock to you, friends, family and all who know you!

Your season to stand out is here right now!
Anything that has caused delay in your life, by the anointing of God, that delay is over!

Speed is coming your way!

Every force of hell and darkness that has orchestrated delay and stagnation, those forces are broken and you are going forward!

The Anointing of God coming upon your life today will turn your life around!

An enlargement of capacity and change of story is happening to you right now!

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