DAY 11 JANUARY 2024 FASTING AND PRAYERS TEXT: PSALM 23:4 PSALM 82:5 TOPIC: HIS STAFF COMFORTS ME A staff is a stick or pole for aid in walking or climbing, for use as a weapon. It is a guide for directions. It serves as a symbol of office or authority. Life itself is at the mercy of direction from God. People can be victims of the wrong and disastrous relationships for lack of Divine direction. People become victims of massive losses, in investments and other areas, for failing to hear from God. It is a necessity to have direction from God NECESSITY OF HEARING GOD:
  1. Abraham through hearing God moved his life from stagnation and frustration to celebration (Gen. 12:1-5; 22;1-17) Through hearing God, Abraham was able to do the right thing by offering the ram instead of his son Isaac when it was time for the sacrifice (Gen. 22:1-17) It is not only necessary to hear God yesterday, it is necessary to hear God today because God can adjust instructions based on present conditions
  2. Through hearing God, Isaac was able to avoid the error of travelling in the wrong direction (Gen. 26:1-4, 12-14) If you can hear God, you will be envied where others are pitied (Gen. 26:14) Don’t achieve motion based on situations; achieve motion based on revelation.
Our success in life is not in a destination, it is in a revelation. It is very critical that you don’t move by sight but you move by light, and if you move by light, you must gain your height
  1. Through hearing God, the prophet Samuel was able to pour the Oil on the right head (1Sam. 16:1-13) When revelation is scarce, assumption is abundant
Many have ‘poured their oil on the wrong head’ – it could be investing your money in the wrong business etc. David (1Sam. 30:1-14; 1Sam. 231-13)
  1. Paul the apostle received his ministry by Divine direction (Acts 9:3-10); he continued his ministry by Divine direction (Acts 16:6-10; 18:5.
THE NECESSITY OF DIVINE DIRECTION: PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS The grace to know the next step to take in life is released! Every spell of confusion, frustration and lack of direction is destroyed now! I decree the release of needed direction, revelation, liberation and deliverance! Your life, family and destiny, grace and glory shall overflow! Every yoke in your life is broken! This year 2024, God is going to give you the opposite of what the devil planned for you! Your ears shall be opened to hear God well! You will not be wasted! Every witch and wizard that came to try the prophetic announcement over your life this year only came to die! Join Kingdom And Destiny Advancement Prayers (KADAP) every 7.30am wat Breaking of fast by Every 5.45pm wat @ Send your Testimonies to Also:- David Nzubechukwu Release Mandate
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